Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Backhoe and Away We Go!

Look what I found this morning...

A backhoe!!! This backhoe fills me with so much joy, it's ridic! If I only knew how to use it, that would be amazzzzzing. I'll put my backhoe dreams aside for now, and stick to my daytime job. 

I had a bit of fun this morning checking out the land before heading off to work...

A view looking down the driveway, the house will be tucked away so you can't see it from the street :) 

 Me having a little fun in my rubber boots! Anyone else feel like they have a superpower in rainboots??! Walking in water without getting your feet wet! It's amazing! No...? I'll keep that one to myself. haha. 

 View from the back of the house looking towards the front where the house will be.

And a big pile of dirt I was SOOO tempted to play in... but I had my work clothes on. Boo to being a grown-up!

So, needless to say, the excavating has begun! In a few days time they'll start pouring the foundation. Things start to move FAST once they get going. Already I have to order my windows and doors. Crazy!

Lots of love and thanks to all the friends and family who've helped and supported me thus far, it's greatly appreciated!

Bye for now,

Emily Grace

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