Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gettin' Inspired with Crayons.

Recently I was at a little gathering and received a loot bag...yep I'm 25 years old and still get loot bags. How awesome is that!? In this loot bag of mine was a pack of crayons. It was INSTANT INSPIRATION! I couldn't believe the beautiful array of colours!

Within about 2 mins I had chosen a colour scheme for my 'imaginary room'... inspired from just this one little box of crayons.

I was really diggin' a bit of bubble gum pink, sandy beach, snowball, and blue (those are the fun crayon colour names!). A combination I normally wouldn't have thought of without my handy dandy crayons. Within minutes I found some beautiful inspiring photos, and lo and behold I was inspired to create a mood board.

I envisioned a light and airy room with bamboo curtains, white pillar candles, blue and pink patterned pillows, soft pink flowers, gold picture frames, clear glass lamps, and a little bit of bead board to finish it all off.

My inspiring paint colours of choice are four colours from Benjamin Moore (no, unfortunately I'm not sponsored by them)...

Rose Rococo, In Your Eyes, Light Breeze & White Chocolate

I'm always amazed at where my creative inspiration comes from, so remember to never limit yourself!

Whether it be through exploring pinterest, looking at flowers, nature or even a box of crayons, inspiration is all around us. Just open your eyes and be willing to receive what inspires you and run with it!

I've had so much fun with my box of crayons...who says crayons are just for kids? These bad boys are going in a mason jar on my desk and will not only get put to use, but as well add some fun colour to my currently 'blah' looking office...(that's another project on the list!). Here's to colourful days and gettin' creative like a child!

Bye for now,

Emily Grace