Tuesday, 19 November 2013

the Heart of the Home

Every home has a central location where people naturally gravitate to. When I began the design of my home a year ago I consciously incorporated that "heart of the home" into the house plans. I wanted a large space with plenty of seating, lots of natural light and of course a beautiful fireplace to gather around.

Cue the inspirational photo hunt on Pinterest and Houzz & countless hours spent mulling over different fireplace ideas. My natural indecisiveness DID NOT help, but I eventually narrowed it down to the photos below.

In this picture below I LOVED the architectural detail either side of the fireplace...which I ended up copying. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!


Living Room

Source House Beautiful

Source M.E. Beck Design Inc

Tiek Built Homes

So here's what went down. I took the pictures below to my contractor and said "I want this" and as simple as that and VOILA, it appears. It really was amazing to see my vision come to fruition. It took him just a couple of days to whip together the built-ins and mantle...amazing talent!

Wanna see the progress of it all?? 

Drumroll please for the finished product...!!!

And a little instagram shot taken the weekend watching Elf! 

Now of course there is plenty of work to be done with artwork, accessories, curtains, pillows, lamps, rugs, etc. etc. All in due time!

Bye for now,

Emily Grace