Sunday, 21 October 2012

House (Plan) Hunting

So, now that I am a land owner, I need a house – small little detail!

Okay, so where to begin?

For the past few months I’ve spent countless hours searching and hunting for house plans. I could have picked a house plan from a book or website and paid to have them printed, but that would just be no fun! I wanna go custom baby. While hiring a drafter and starting from scratch = more money, I think in the long run (and short run for that matter) it is definitely money well spent.

I started with some basic questions:
1. How many bedrooms & bathrooms?
2. What kind of square footage?
3. What style house do I like (Modern, Colonial, etc.)?
4. Bungalow, split level, or two-storey?

There are hundreds of house plan websites out there, and you can modify the house plans by all different criteria (sq. footage, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, etc.). 

Some really great house plan websites I found were:

After looking at literally hundreds of house plans, I started to have an idea of my 'must-haves', and narrowed down my search... 

My must-haves
Three bedrooms
2.5 baths
Open concept kitchen-living area
Man (or Woman) Cave 

My don't need, but really want...
Master Walk-in-Closet
Master Ensuite (double vanities please!)
Attached Angled Garage 
Kitchen Island
Eating Area 'Nook'

A dining room and formal living room didn't make the cut. I find dining room/formal living rooms get used about 1-3 days out of the sorry guys, you lose.

So while none of these house plans were exactly what I was looking for, they all had aspects I's a few plans and house looks I was diggin': 


Architectural House Plans

Not so much in my budget, but inspiration nonetheless!


I've since met with my drafter and the final house plan has been drafted and is complete. I LOVE it. It's perfect! Stay tuned for the house plan reveal.

Thanks for reading! 

Bye for now, 

Emily Grace