Monday, 24 September 2012

the BIG Announcement.

So I have BIG - and I mean BIG - news to announce. Cue the fireworks, crack open the champagne, drum roll please - I have officially bought land! One whole acre to call my own!

This adds the biggest gold star ever to my 'grown-up' board! 

This is exciting on many levels...
#1. No more living at home with my parents - I love them (and the home cooked meals!) but it's time I move on out.
#2. The DIY projects will never end - amazing!
#3. I will finally have my own space to design and decorate from the bottom up - this could not make me any happier!

This also means my blog will take you through my journey as a first-time home builder - all the ups & downs, lessons learned (hopefully not too many!)... I'll spill all the beans right here.

I have no experience in home building at all, but with the right attitude and support from family and friends, this is going to be an experience I will never forget. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to build my very own home and I can't wait to start sharing every step of it with you.

Stay plans are soon to follow.

Bye for now,

Emily Grace

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