Monday, 17 September 2012

Embracing the Cottage Country

Over the summer I took a little trip to the cutest little spot in Newfoundland - Cupids.

I had the absolute pleasure of taking a tour of an absolutely gorgeous cabin (that's right, we call them cabins here in Newfoundland, not cottages!). This cabin is a classic saltbox house that over the years has become the definition of charming.

I apologized while I was there for taking so many pictures...I just couldn't help myself! You'll see why...

cabin, fence


Isn't that just the cutest red ladder on the roof!? 

The best part of it all is I also picked up a few inspiring DIY ideas! Get this - the husband actually thought of the DIY ideas. Don't ever underestimate a man's craftiness and creativity! 

 An old Newfoundland stamp is stencilled onto some plank boards. 

Old potato sacks were framed, and voila - instant country art.


Oh, I could only dream of having such a charming cabin to call my own! One of these days...

Bye for now,

Emily Grace

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