Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Infinity (and beyond!) Scarf

So to take a mental break from the constant house planning/building stuff, I put on my sewing hat and got busy making an infinity scarf! (some people call them circle or cowl scarves - it's all the same!)

My mother happens to be a fantastic sewer... me not so much. So this project lends itself well to really beginner sewers - it's as basic as you get. If you don't sew straight (like me!) you'll never notice once it's wrapped around your neck.

I went to my local fabric store, picked up 1/4 meter of black 'pill free' fleece, and bought 1/4 meter of an awesome patterned fabric. Total fabric cost = $4.00! Woo hoo!

While I'm no 'sew pro' this project is as simple as the following:

1. ) Cut each piece approx. 10-12" wide (depending on the bulkiness of the fabric)
2. ) Pin the pieces together with the wrong sides facing outwards
3. ) Sew each long side together
4. ) Fold inside-out & sew the two short sides together.

You will need to leave about 2-3" to hand stitch at the end.

I've since made three other scarves, one with lace, one with striped patterns, and one more fleece! The options are sooo endless, that's why I love sharing this with you. Take a trip out to your fabric store and be inspired!

fall scarf

Side note... I also happen to crochet infinity scarves and sell them for 60 bucks! Interested in buying one? Comment below and let me know!

Bye for now!

Emily Grace

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