Sunday, 11 November 2012

First Impressions

House plans are done! Fini! Tweaks here and there have been made, but for blogging purposes, and your curiosity I'll take you on a tour of the preliminary drawings. 

Let's start with the foyer...

We’re told that first impressions mean everything, therefore, a foyer should make a statement and set the tone for the rest of the house. Don't neglect the first area (and sometimes the only area) people see! 

The look and feel of my house has been inspired by the beautiful trees and nature surrounding my soon-to-be house. I'm aiming to create a space that is cozy & warm with touches of rustic and country charm! With that in mind, I've created my very first mood board to start this ginormous project! 

My checklist: 
  1.   Big, bold, mirror 
  2. Console table (ideally with drawers to hide keys, mail, etc.)
  3. Wicker Baskets (throw the hats & mitts in there!)
  4. Double door closet 
  5. Pendant light
  6. Rustic Tile

Outside of all this fun decorating stuff, I've been busy every day sorting out quotes from contractors & tradesmen, getting permits, cutting down trees, etc. etc... phewph! I won't spill all the boring details, but just please excuse my absence the past few weeks because that's what my time has been absorbed doing! Once we start pouring concrete the real fun begins...for now, tomorrow I'm back at cutting trees...

Bye for now!

Emily Grace

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