Friday, 6 July 2012

Design On A Dime (or two)

Emily Grace is my name, saving money's my game.

I apologize, so cheesy... but hey, I have your attention!

The Thrift Store and Value Village (or 'the Val' as my friend's mom likes to call it) are two of the best kept secrets when it comes to to shopping for furniture and accessories. I first discovered the Thrift Store as a student while hunting for inexpensive furniture for my bedroom. Lo and behold, I found a solid wood dresser along with a mirror and nightstand tagged at just $45.00. Not bad for a poor student!

Here are some of the steals from Value Village that have helped to accessorize my current bedroom dresser:

Thrift Store

Brass candlestick holders. $1.00 each.

Wood jewelery box. $3.00

Silver (or not so silver) tray $1.00.

Check out this silver plated cutlery I found for $60! It came in this really cool retro looking case that I just fell in love with. After doing a bit of research I discovered my cutlery set is a mix of two different patterns - Remembrance by 1847 Rogers Bros. and Spring by WM Rogers & Sons. Both very timeless and elegant patterns.

Last but not least, another one of my favourite finds is this hutch I found for my sister's new home last summer. This piece cost a whopping $35 bucks and she barely had a scratch on her!

Have I swayed you to the 'second hand side' yet? Get on out there and go get yourself some deals!

Bye for now,

Emily Grace


  1. If I end up moving back home, I will be calling on you for some DIY/second-hand coaching and design advice!

  2. Nice finds! Now, I don't know who's mom you were referencing above, but I seriously wonder if she may belong to me?
    I never go there to look for furniture, which seems so silly now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. @ Nancy, give me a call girl if you ever move home!
    @ Becca, It was Maureen who calls it 'the Val'... and I'll have to take you there when you come home so I can show you how wonderful it is!