Wednesday, 13 June 2012

a Snuggle Blanket

I have finally finished my biggest crochet project to date, a Snuggle Blanket.  This blanket was made with much love (and many countless hours!) for my friend's brand new baby boy, Charlie. 

The Pattern: Snuggle Blanket from Cute Crochet for Tiny Tots by Helen Ardley

I wouldn't recommend this pattern for beginner crocheters as it leans more towards the intermediate level. This blanket took me countless hours to make, so don't make the same mistake I did in thinking that I could have it started and finished within a week. Three months later the blanket is finally finished...oops! I was starting to think that little Charlie was going to be in High School by the time he got his blanket - nevertheless, it's finished!

I never follow a pattern exactly as it is written, so if you'd like to make exactly what I made here's how to get it...

Hook size: 3.5 mm
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK ($5.50 per ball)
1 Denim - 326
1 Honey - 423
3 White - 251
3 Daisy - 259
2 Toddle - 407 
2 Stonewash 240

Finished blanket size: 43" x 35"

And while I'd love to give you the pattern, I don't want to take away from the author's hard work in creating the patterns for Cute Crochet for Tiny Tots, so head on out and buy her fabulous book!

TIP: Make sure your yarn is machine washable!!! It would be a nightmare for a new mom to have to handwash the blanket every time it got dirty (which I can imagine would be often). Always make sure to check the label and read the washing instructions when buying new yarn to make sure it suits the wear and tear it may get.  Also, it doesn't hurt to ask the friendly staff for their recommendation.  

Perhaps one of the nicest things about crocheting is being able to lovingly give a handmade item to someone special. May Charlie have sweet dreams and many snuggles wrapped in his brand new blanket. 

Bye for now, 

Emily Grace

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