Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Arrangements!

I can't believe we are into the last month of 2013! Where does the time go?! Anyhoo, I am so excited it is December because I am a BIG fan of Christmas - especially so this year because I am able to decorate my first home!

This evening my mom decided to host a "Christmas Arrangement" party which turned out to be a huge success! Seven of us ladies crammed together in a garage filled with branches, boughs, holly, & soil and made our very own Christmas arrangements.

We each brought:

  1. Container/bucket to make an arrangement in.
  2. Boughs, holly, branches, birch tree branches, etc. (all cut from good ol' nature!) 
  3. A small bag of soil
  4. Decorative pieces like glass balls, sparkly twigs, spray painted branches, ribbon, decorative birds, etc. Whatever we were drawn to! 
  5. Don't forget the wine! :) 

This is such an inexpensive project with a HUGE reward. These arrangements can be made for under $10. All it takes is a walk through nature and a trip to the dollar store.

Start by filling your container with soil.

Insert your "spillers" into the soil. The "spillers" are the boughs that "spill" over the sides.

Next, stick your "thrillers" (the decorative fun stuff) in the middle - or off to the side, your choice! These "thrillers" should be tall so they stand out from the rest of the items.

Finally, the "fillers" - Stand back and see where your arrangement could use some "fillers". Maybe add a bit more colour with spray painted twigs, some more holly, some Christmas sparkly items you may have bought.

I am soooo thrilled at how my arrangement turned out. There were moments where it was looking hopeless, but alas it all came together beautifully.

Emily grace creates, christmas, ribbon

I hope this inspires you and becomes your new Christmas tradition like it has become for us! Here's what some of the other arrangements turned out like...

Christmas, decor, red and green

decorating, christmas, red, green

 Excuse the mess in the background, these pictures were taken in the garage!

Christmas, decorating, arrangement

Merry Christmas!

Bye for now,

Emily Grace

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